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Sorry its taken me a mellenia to get something posted here, but I haven't found anything that I felt ready to share. This, actually was a dream I had and I'm only going to post a teaser and see what people think.....

My name is Tevin. Dog to my family and friends. I'm the seventh son of a clam digger and also a clam digger like my father and the rest of my line. I am no hero, and I have no desire to become one.

Thats what I had prepared in my mnd as I approached the massive cast iron gates of the Surratt Manor. Within the walls of this imposing structure laid the secrets that had cursed my village-my family-for generations.

Standing with me on the slick wet flagstones were two people, the only two people who were either crazy enough, stupid enough or brave enough to follow me onto this cursed island, shrouded in old horror stories and wives tails. Zonna Willford stood to my left. She descended from a long (and rather pompus) line of pyshcics. Her mother was a dowsing witch and her father, allegedly, could commune with The Other Side. Stories of what her grandparents and great grandparents had acomplished and done in their life times still ran from mouths of the awe inspired whenever Zonna was in town. Comming from a line like that, Zonna was envious-if not out right doubtful-of the so called "visions" I was getting relating to the Surratte Manor. Her whole reason for being there was to see for herself if my visions were true, if the answer to everyday life really was beyond those gates. And, of course, when it wasn't, she would be the first to report to the rest of the village that I had gone mad.

Standing on my right was Kulvin Rinds. Kully. My friend since we cut our first teeth. He was there out of sheer protective instinced 17 years of friendship had made. He had no real desire to see the horrors that lay within the manor, and I wasn't sure if he even beleived my visions, maybe even thought me a little bit crazy for being here and wanting to go inside the manor.

I had tried, whithout luck, to get them to stay on the banks of the village. But they insisted on coming with me. It was a gray stormy afternoon out on that rock of an island, and despite my earlier claims, I was a little releived that they were with me. Even Zonna's hot irritibility was welcomed over the cold indifference of the huge doors in front of us.

"You know." Zonna said in a tone that slid darkly under the wind, "the ammount of lost science in there is probably strong enough to kill us all several times."

"Would you stop saying that?" Kully hissed at her. He turned his voice to me shouting to be heard over the wind, "We'll never get these doors open. We're better off going home."

I looked over at Kully, telling him with a look that I wasn't leaving, not without the answers I wanted. "You can go." I said, "I won't stop you."

"No." He swallowed turning his bright blue eyes back to the doors.

I knew he would never leave.

"Well. unless Kulvin can push those doors open," Zonna said, "I don't see a way in." She folded her arms, "unless you've developed some unseen muscle in te past several minutes, Dog."

"There has to be another way in." I asnwered, I let my eyes scan over the building. Surratt had been built with slick black flat stone, packed so tightly together there were hardly any seams seperating one stone from the next. At our level there were no windows to break and climb through. The island was tree-less so climbing onto the second floor was out of the question as well.

I swallowed hard, my heart sinking, "There has to be."

I apologize for my spelling, grammar and typing.....*sigh* I need a ghost editor.....
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