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This community was created for aspiring writers to post their original fiction or poetry. I'm hoping to get this community to a level where it can provide creative feedback and encourage all of us would-be authors to take our writing to new and better places.

Now, the rules:

1. Everything from G to NC-17 works are accepted. If you are under the proper age limit for your country, I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to go elsewhere.

2. Het and slash and everything in between (male/female, male/male, female/female, whatever) is accepted here. No bashing of pairings is allowed. Everything is accepted, and everything will be respected. I'm not overly fond of flamers or bigots - and that goes for you het-bashers out there as well. If you can't accept someone else's pairings or at least keep a civil tongue in your head, then you're out. End of story.

3. Sorry, but this is for original fiction only. No fanfics. If this community is successful, then maybe I'll create a sister-site for fanfics, but as it is, there are dozens of places that host fanfiction for whatever fandom strikes your fancy. I want to host original fiction here. On that note, anything from ficlets to unfinished work to novels and everything in between will be accepted here. Just remember - post everything as a link or behind an lj cut. It's just good manners.

4. No insulting or flaming another person. I know this seems like a redundant rule, but I want to be very, very clear - respect each other. Please. It isn't that hard to be nice, is it?

5. To join, just friend serving_sword and I'll approve you asap. I simply want to avoid trolls and their ilk, and I'm trying to do that the best way I can think of. Please bear with me, as this is the first community I've ever tried to create - and as I have rather a full life (as do we all, I'm sure) it may take me a bit to get good at this. But I swear to you all I'm going to try.

6. Please post all stories as a link or behind an lj cut. Be sure to include the story title, rating, and any warnings in your post. For poetry, unless your poem contains violent or sexual imagery, or references to 'adult' subject matter (incest, child abuse, torture, basically anything that couldn't be written in a PG-13 story), no rating or warnings are neccessary. Slash, as I consider it as normal as het, does NOT need to be listed as a warning in an otherwise 'regular' poem, nor does it require the poem to automatically be rated as 'adult'.

I think that's it. I know it seems like a lot of rules, but I just want this community to be as positive and encouraging as possible. Feel free to email me at GhostHelwig@yahoo.com with any questions or comments. I swear I don't bite... Hard. ^_~